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Saucony Sale – 20% Off + Free Shipping on Saucony Originals Through 1/27

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January 25, 2018

Back up in this with a 20% off Saucony Originals! This is the time to grab some dope runners for less than retail – just use code COMFY at checkout! You get free shipping in this Saucony Sale as well! This deal is only good through 1/27, so move quick! Make sure you head over to the Saucony website to see what’s eligible before all the best stuff sells out!

Saucony Sale Details

Sale Code: COMFY
Expiration: 1/27
Saucony Sale

Let me know if you copped any originals in this Saucony sale! I’m always down to get some fresh retro runners for below retail. Now, the sale includes a few popular models and special colorways that were not available below retail on the Saucony website before.

I approach collecting kicks in such a way that getting some sleepers for below retail is part of the experience! Everybody sleeps on stuff from time to time. Therefore I’m able to get some dope stuff in Saucony sales like this. Later on, when the kicks become harder to find, slept on kicks can suddenly become heaters! Part of the excitement of sneaker collecting for me is showing off some sleepers that I got for the low!

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Get Sneaker Deals in your inbox + My Track "Shadow 5000" FREE!