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Nike SB Dunk Low Lobster On Feet Sneaker Review

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December 3, 2017

I got a request to do more Nike SB’s, so what better than a classic like the Nike SB Dunk Low Lobster, a Concepts collab that features lobster-themed details. The shoes come with thick rubber bands that go around each toebox like those found on lobster claws at a market. I recommend taking them off immediately as the bands can leave a mark on the shoes if stored with them on. The ankle liner has some gingham type print on it which I think symbolizes a bib/napkin. Gotta protect your shirt when eating some butter-soaked lobster! Finally, the shoe itself features subtle speckling just like a lobster’s shell.

What To Sport These With?

These are a lot easier to match up with an outfit than the Blue version. Some dark or light denim and a white or black top is an easy fit to put together with these. Khakis and burgundy hoodies also work well with these kicks.

How Are The Materials?

The materials on these are dope! The upper is basically a suede/nubuck type of material that is soft yet buttery! The shoe tends to take on a bit of character when faded too. The leather double swoosh has some great coloring to it and overall the construction screams rugged yet high quality. This shoe is definitely legendary with respect to the materials and overall look.

How do they fit?

The Nike SB Dunk Low Lobster fit true to size and are extremely comfortable. These are from a bygone era where the shoes actually feel comfy right after you buy them. They are not stiff at all like current SB Dunk releases. I wound up getting my pair a half size too big, but they still fit great and the straps help them stay put on my feet.

Don’t quote me on this, but going by memory, these are one of the first pairs of quickstrikes that I bought at retail back when I first started collecting. To this day, these shoes bring a lot of memories to the surface for me. I remember a date I went on with my then girlfriend (now wife) sporting these. I highly recommend these as a pair to get if you want a truly unique shoe with excellent quality materials and comfort.

Where To Buy the Nike SB Dunk Low Lobster:

As of the writing of this article, eBay is your best bet for these. Watch out for fakes! If you’re having trouble finding them or just want something more recent, try checking out the selection of newer Nike SB’s on or Amazon.

Nike SB Dunk Low Lobster on feetNike SB Dunk Low Lobster
Colorway: Sport Red / Pink Clay
Style Code: 313170 661
Year of Release: 2008

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