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Karhu Footpatrol Fusion 2.0 On Feet Sneaker Review

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December 7, 2017

I see certain online boutiques carrying Karhu (Finnish for “bear”), but up until this point I hadn’t pulled the trigger on any pairs. With the Karhu Footpatrol Fusion 2.0, I finally joined the club of people who own sneakers from one of Finland’s brands. While Karhu mostly makes technical runners, they also have a range of retro-inspired kicks including the Fusion 2.0. This particular pair is a collab with London-based store Footpatrol. The sneaker features Footpatrol’s branding on the box, right insole and on the back of the shoe.

What To Sport These With?

Karhu Footpatrol Fusion 2.0 Outfit of the dayI feel like these can actually be taken in many directions outfit-wise. At first, I thought to put these together with some light wash jeans and a green camo Bape longsleeve, but wound up going into the shadows instead. In this particular outfit I paired up the kicks with some black skinny jeans from H&M and a black crewneck from Supreme with a green elongated scoop tee underneath. This is actually very similar to the fit I wore the other day with the Stealth 3s.

How Are The Materials?

I’m really feeling the materials used on these! The darker grey, green and purple parts are all a nice quality suede. The black parts are a ballistic mesh type of material with 3M accents on the Karhu stripes/eyelets. The toebox features a little bit of black 3M while the lighter grey parts of the shoe are all a short hair suede/nubuck. All the materials are buttery and soft to the touch! Materials fiends will not be disappointed here!

How Do They Fit?

The Karhu Footpatrol Fusion 2.0 fit a little wide so I went down a half size. I could have stayed true to size and it would have been comfortable. At half size down, these look way better on foot with a much pointier shape. The comfort on these is great and exemplifies what a comfy retro runner should look and feel like.

Overall I think if you’re sleeping on Karhu like I was, you might want to circle back around and pick these up – you might be very pleasantly surprised!

Where To Cop the Karhu Footpatrol Fusion 2.0

As of the writing of this article, if these are sold out on Karhu’s or Footpatrol’s websites, eBay is your best bet for these.

Karhu Footpatrol Fusion 2.0 On Feet on foot photoKarhu Footpatrol Fusion 2.0
Colorway: Dark Grey / Calla Green
Style Code: F804015
Year of Release: 2016
MSRP: $120

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