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Diadora N9000 Coral Steel Gray On Feet Sneaker Review

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November 13, 2017

I’ve got a few of these in my collection but the Diadora N9000 Coral Steel Gray is still welcome to join! Getting a great price on these definitely helps with grabbing a pair. These are part of the Nylon II collection and get their name from the colorway.

What To Sport These With?

These have a nice summery feel to them. Although summer is coming to a close right now, these can still be pulled off with a light grey or white top, and some light wash denim. The goal with a shoe like this is to keep it easy and bright. Simple colors work better in the outfit since there are 4-5 tones already on the shoe.

How Are The Materials?

The materials are not great. The suede is pretty much rough and basic. This is the type of shoe that’s for fans of this model that want a cheap pickup regardless of quality. While the suede is trash, the rest of the shoe is decent enough to warrant a purchase. Construction seems solid enough and no glue stains or other errors on my pair.

How Do They Fit?

These Diadora N9000 Coral fit true to size and are very comfy! At a half size down, they are snug but not uncomfortable for me. I like the snug fit with the N9000 but if you want to play it safe, go with your true size. Also, the shape on these is pretty good as the toebox is round but not boxy!

Overall, serious Diadora collectors may or may not like these. The quality isn’t anything to get excited about, but the shape, paneling, look, comfort and colorway all fit the bill. I recommend a shoe like this if you want to scratch the sneaker itch and just cop something fresh for the low.

Where To Cop the Diadora N9000 Coral Steel Gray

As of the writing of this article, as of the writing of this article you can get these on eBay, Villa and Amazon.

Diadora N9000 Coral Steel Gray On Feet on foot photoDiadora N9000 Coral
Colorway: Coral / Steel Gray
Style Code: 501.170941 01 C6296
MSRP: $130

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