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Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove Pack Released – Get Your Pair Here!

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July 17, 2017

I’ve owned Air Jordan 9s in the past, and it seems like Jordan Brand doesn’t drop that many pairs. That said, the Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove Pack are now “out”. See where to buy these as well as my thoughts below:

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove Pack Release

As of the writing of this article, eBay is your best bet for these

Check out my thoughts on this release

I’ll come right out and say it – the AJ9 falls in the category of “meh” for me. I’ve owned them before and never felt like I needed to hang onto my pairs. As a shoe, it’s way too boot-like to really be practical for wearing around. And when it comes to boot sneakers there’s better options out here.

The Air Jordan 9 originally released when Michael Jordan was taking a break from basketball to play baseball in a mediocre fashion. Thus, the design of the shoe is roughly based on a baseball cleat.

Here we have a “mystery” release of 2 pairs of 9s that take the baseball theme further with some glove stitching on the sides. Apparently, only certain stores have these and there’s no telling which color you’re going to get, with the brown pair being more rare than the black.

In my opinion, 9s are already janky enough without some wacky stitching making them even jankier. Even though they went with the premium leather, at a price tag of $250 there’s no way I’m coming near these. Easy easy pass.

If you’re into 9s though, the only place I think you can grab these besides in person is on eBay, thanks to how they were released.

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