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Air Jordan 4 Pure Money Released – Get Your Pair Here

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May 13, 2017

The Air Jordan 4 Pure Money is a retro rather than an OG colorway. This shoe originally came out in 2006 and dropped again as part of the “Silver Anniversary” releases in 2010. Today, Nike re-releases the exact same shoe again. A standout feature of this shoe is the “Pure $” letters stitched behind the backtab.

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 4 Pure Money

As of the writing of this article, you can click any of the links below to purchase the Air Jordan 4 Pure Money:

Click the image to buy directly from

Check out my thoughts on this release

Icey Air Jordan IV’s are always going to look dope on feet. I’m a big fan of how this model looks. However, I’m not sure I’m about to cop these. I used to own a pair of AJIV Pure Money from the Silver Anniversary releases, so I can speak from experience. Basically, the Pure Money IV is the first pair of 4s I had where I found that this model does not fit my foot comfortably. I even got blisters! Needless to say, these went on eBay the next day.

If I did get these, I would probably have to baby them thanks to the all-white. And I’d have to go a half size up to save my pinky toes. Unlike the Military IV’s, the leather on these is thick, which means they’ll have less give. It also looks like these don’t have the remaster leather, so it’s almost like Jordan Brand just decided to drop the exact same shoe with zero changes yet again.

So… will I cop? Just like the Metallic 1s, I’m not sure! Since J’s haven’t been selling out, I’m probably ok to wait until some sites start discounting them. I think this even happened with the Silver Anniversaries! I believe patience and correct sizing would be my allies this time around. If I don’t cop, I’m sure there will be a dope Jordan release or two to grab instead later on this year.

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